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Garage Equipment

Classic Group prides itself in providing a range of unique products not readily available in shops. A series of oil related accessories is available to supplement the Penrite Products and provide safe dispensing, pouring and measurement of oil and greases.

Our range comprises:-

1. Syphon Pumps / Suction Guns to remove and replace quantities of new and waste oil in often difficult and obstructive areas.
syphon pump
suction guns
Fluid Dispensers with flexible tube to pump fluids into axles and gearboxes.
fluid dispenser
fluid dispenser
3. Grease Guns flexible hoses and grease jaws for dispensing grease.
push type metal grease guns
grease gun pistol grip
4. Metal and Plastic Funnels with flexible and angled spouts.
5. Measuring Jugs with flexible spouts sizes - 1 to 5 litre capacity.
measuring jugs with flexible spouts
measuring bottles with flexible tubes
6. Waste Oil Pans with pouring spout - capacity 5 to 15 litre.
drain pan 10ltr with pouring spout
enclosed type drain pan 15ltr


Plastic Oil Trays

to trap oil drips to prevent staining of floors etc. Available in different sizes and capacities to cater for small to large vehicles. Common sizes are:-
53cm x 40cm x 9.5cm (16 Litre)
56cm x 40cm x 4cm (9 Litre)
79cm x 40cm x 4cm (12 Litre)
100cm x 55cm x 15cm (65 Litre)
117cm x 40cm x 4cm (18 Litre)
120cm x 55cm x 4cm (28 Litre)

Reproduction 1950s petrol pump

Classic Group

Reproduction wooden petrol pump cabinet
Unit 1, 17-23 Sweetcorn Place,
New Zealand.

Tel/Fax: 09 239 0891

63 Masters House,
Coxhill Way,
Bucks., HP21 8FL,
United Kingdom.
Tel. 01296 291295

Classic Group
is part of the Classic Group Of Companies.

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